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           Baby Jett Setters© was inspired by the birth of my first grandchild, Jett.  I was in awe from his entry into this world to every amazing new thing he did.I wanted Jett's style to reflect his personality. So I shopped and was disappointed to find the limited selection for baby boys. I thought there must be other parents and grandparents like me.

          With this in mind, I started Baby Jett Setters©. We're a work in progress. Our goal is to have a one stop e-boutique for special occasions and everyday Jettinistos©.
Love, Grandmama 

 My first grandchild, Jett.

My first grandchild, Jett.

Baby Jett Setters With Miraflex


Miraflex Frames and Straps

            In 2013, after learning that my grandson, Philip, needed glasses I discovered Miraflex frames. Miraflex frames are nearly indestructable. So I thought it would be nice to share this wonderful product with others who need glasses for children, sports or special needs. Baby Jett Setters helps everyone to enjoy wearing glasses. 

Miraflex Frames

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Miraflex Straps